0255F: December Hustle

The holiday season is filled with a lot of key events in our family with three birthdays in December just to start. Every year it is one celebration after another and it's tricky to keep everything in line. Just today we had a massive Korean lunch to help celebrate dad's birthday and it's nice that we're all in the same country for this particular celebration. The far-flung nature of our family doesn't always allow for this sort of thing, so we make the most of such opportunities when we can.

But tomorrow we'll start going back to the usual status quo as my sister and family fly back to Singapore with my brother needing to fly back to Thailand not too long after that. Then it'll be back to regular video conference calls and counting the days until any of us are scheduled to fly to this or that country.

More importantly, it's rather amazing how we still manage to make things work. I guess part of our "success" in this area is how much of a technologically-savvy family we've always been. With the steady progression of the internet and its related applications, we've generally kept pace and have always been ready to leverage this or that communication platform to keep in touch and negate the consequences of distance or these days the challenge of living in different countries.

Family will always be family after all. And I'm glad that our core family unit remains closely in touch as much as possible.