0254C: Good Kind of Weekend Tired

As Sunday and the weekend as a whole comes to a close, I have to admit that I'm really tired. We didn't go to O Bar this weekend but we did have a lot of other activities that took up the time including two board game sessions and yesterday's Christmas shopping efforts. I also woke up earlier than I probably should have and that probably contributed a lot to my current feelings of fatigue.

But I have no real regrets for how this weekend played out. We had a lot of fun and we got a lot done. we got to meet some Twitter friends in person for the first time and celebrated a shared love for gaming. And we also bumped into old friends who we hadn't seen in quite a while at the mall and got so lost in conversation that we forgot to document the little reunion with a photo or something.

The year-end holiday season is always pretty crazy and things are just going to get even busier in the days and weeks to come. But we always find little moments of happiness that help make all the busy, tired feelings to help us get through things.