02561: Sunday Slowdown

What started as some random sneezing on Friday night while we were at O Bar to a budding cold bogging me down on Saturday has progressed to a scratchy throat today. I'm not quite sick given I don't have an outright fever, but I am sure that I'm not at 100% either.

I've been taking cough and cold medicine in the interim to help cope with things but naturally this is leaving me groggy or even a little dizzy at times. This has been less than ideal for our consecutive board game sessions on Saturday and today, but I'm a trooper who does his best to barrel through.

I'll have to take it easy tomorrow if we're going to push through with our New Year's Eve plans and to be well enough for work later this week. But then there's just so much that we want to do and so little time to get everything settled. Hay life.