02807: Now Chinese New Year Plans

02806: Negotiating with the Fae

02805: Television Endings

02804: Exam Day Two

02803: O Bar Social Circles

02802: Keto Slowdown

02801: Of Wizards and Faeries

02800: Diamond at Last

0279F: Really The New Year

0279E: Mason Time

0279D: Shorter Game Nights

0279C: Family Saturday

0279B: Weight Loss Moments

0279A: Dresden Time

02799: The Cold Brew Kit

02798: Exam Day One

02797: Relapse Warble

02796: Sick Weekend

02795: Appreciating Root

02794: Quarantine

02793: Slow Week

02792: Keto Non-Cravings

02791: An Adventure at the Hotel Denouement

02790: The Stickiness of Disney Life

0278F: Slumber Sunday

0278E: Soaring

0278D: Course Laid In

0278C: Washing Woes

0278B: My 2018 in Books

0278A: 2019 Goals Declaration