02548: Annual Christmas Conundrum

After dinner, Tobie and I decided to go around BGC in search of possible Christmas gifts for this year. As always, my Christmas gift methodology involves a vague idea of possible gifts to consider and then we go from store to store to see if we can find stuff that fit those initial criteria. It's a pretty fluid method that leaves room to maneuver since the shops don't always have what I have in mind.

This year started out fun since we have two kids to shop for - nephews for both sides of the family. Toy shopping is something that I think I'm pretty good at and we quickly secured some fun items for the kids. We haven't made much progress in terms of gifts for the rest of our families, but we still have some time before we get there.

Christmas gift-giving will always feel like a sort of a competition for figuring out the most appropriate gift without getting too crazy in the cost department. This doesn't mean splurging is out of the question or anything like that but one has to be prudent in how we go about these things.

Going around the shops today, none of the gifts quite resonated clearly enough to get me all excited. When you find the right for someone you just know it and you get a little giddy about it as you bring it to the counter. Didn't quite get that tingle a lot today, but I'm confident we'll get there. If anything, at least I've sort of eliminated a bunch of things that I don't think would make great gifts and I have a good number of fallback gifts to keep on standby.