02AA9: Bittersweet New Year

02AA8: Almost Over

02AA7: Some Cause for Concern

02AA6: Last Cake

02AA5: More of a Monday

02AA4: After Christmas Drift

02AA3: Renewed Christmas Traditions

02AA2: Finally Christmas

02AA1: Advent Enigma

02AA0: Mid-Week Holiday Achievements

02A9F: Tuesday Work Amusements

02A9E: Christmas Crunchtime

02A9D: A Proper O Bar Aniniversary

02A9C: Keto Cake Invasion

02A9B: Friday Compression, Christmas Frustration

02A9A: Almost There Too Soon

02A8F: After the Booster

02A8E: Vaccination-Induced Hiatus

02A8D: Brain Fuzziness

02A8C: The 12.12 Report

02A8B: O Bar Mini-Groups

02A8A: Wow Friday Wow

02A89: Thursdrain

02A88: Mid-Way Progression

02A87: Physical vs Virtual Gifting

02A86: Of Virtual Spaces and Videos

02A85: Reflections and Considerations

02A84: O Bar's First Night Back

02A83: Right Before O Bar

02A82: Impending Power Ups

02A81: O Bar Rising

02A80: Coming Into Focus

02A7F: Phone Considerations

02A7E: Differences of Opinion

02A7D: Saturday Outside Again