0241D: Routine Disruptions

0241C: Counting Your Blessings

0241B: We All Miss Things Right Now

0241A: Queue Tales

02419: Adaptive Routines

02418: Stepping Out

02417: Sunrise, Sunset

02416: The Testing Conundrum

02415: The Numbers Are Bad

02414: On Forwarded Messages

02413: Artificial Quarantine Scarcity

02412: Quarantine Pressure

02411: Getting Through The First Week

02410: Shut-Ins

0240F: Lockdown Intensifies

0240E: When is a Lockdown Not a Lockdown

0240D: Roll20 Migration

0240C: #QuaranGeeking Pi Day

0240B: Shields Going Up

0240A: Metro Manila, Closed Metropolis

02409: Off-Kilter

02408: Mid-Week Wobble

02407: Uneven Government Response

02406: Covid Continuity

02405: The Expanding Collection

02404: Friday Newbie Game Night!

02403: First 30 Gym Days

02402: Into the Mists

02401: 11th Wheelie Day

02400: Hello, March!