02542: Keto Supply Chain

A requirement when you're living the #KetoLife is a steady supply of vegetables. And thus Tobie and I pretty much need to grocery weekly, even if only just to get more greens. Our shopping cart is the one with several bundles of spinach, whichever heads of cauliflower and broccoli look least bruised, and many heads of lettuce to boot.

Who needs rice when you have different salad or stir-fry veggie options, right?

And as long as we keep the Sietch well-supplied, I barely need to worry about lunch while at work. Nearby keto meal options are few and far between and I stand a better chance of staying within my diet guidelines when I bring my own food to work.

It's like having a train that feeds on greens instead of coal. I guess that makes me the locomotive? Choo Choo!