02553: Cheers for O Bar

I'm still wrapping my head around the thought that we'll be heading back to O Bar tonight after last night's crazy-fun celebration of O Bar's 14th anniversary. The festivities continue today, particularly for us long-time patrons of the bar. They've really come a long way and Tobie and I celebrate the amazing talent that drives the bar any chance we get.

We partied with a fun mix of old and new friends including some first-timers. The performances were really great and I took way more videos than I had initially planned, although my ability to handle my phone well diminished as the night progressed. And the night ended with a lot of crazy dancing, as evidenced by the various aches and pains I woke up with. It was a really great night.

I'm expecting tonight to be a bit more chill and not quite as crazy. We'll just wrap up a short Wraith RPG session before heading back to the bar. How we've managed to fit everything we planned within this weekend is pretty impressive. Then we have one more full work week ahead to deal with after that, which will be a bit more of a challenge than normal given all this. But such is the holiday season.