02C07: Busy Decembers

Tuesday What The Fish

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1011

I'm reading a lot of social media posts about people wrapping up work for the year and starting their Christmas breaks and what not. I'm happy for them, but on the flip side this week still feels pretty busy for us. There's a lot of 2023 planning that we're trying to tie up in order to get our clients to get ready for the new year and we're also still pitching for new clients in the hopes of being part of their 2023 plans as well. The digital marketing life doesn't really slow down for the holidays, but that's okay.

I really do enjoy the work that we do. Digital marketing is an exciting space that is both creative and data-driven at the same time, thus it involves a lot of different disciplines and approaches to get things done. And you can't even assume what worked for one campaign will immediately work just as well or better for another. There are just so many variables, and thus it becomes crucial to keep an open mind and prepare your little marketing experiments in order to really make the most of things. 

I still have a busy Wednesday tomorrow, but let's see if the rest of the week lightens up.