02BEF: Working Holiday


Thursday Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 999
Reading Target: 59 books left

Today was a local holiday, but it was still a regular working day for me. Tobie even managed to schedule a one-shot online RPG session in the morning while I had my usual stuff to address. This isn't exactly a rare occurrence since the Philippines has more holidays than most countries including Singapore. But yeah, it does make for a somewhat weird home working environment.

It was a rather busy day and as much as I got some reading done, I didn't actually finish any titles just yet, so the count above hasn't changed. I'll see if I can get a few things done before bed, but this isn't very reassuring for my end-of-year goal. Time is really running out.

Back to the subject of work, there are a lot of things in motion (as usual) and we're already looking to address certain things in the coming year. I have new tools to learn and potentially people to upskill to help me and other fun things. As always, this is all rather exciting in a nerdy way but I fully embrace this side of me. I mean come on, yesterday I celebrated getting a particular spreadsheet to work in the way I wanted it to, so yeah I'm going to celebrate this, too.