02C12: Last Day of 2022

Saturday Tabletop Gaming

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1022
Reading Target: 0 books

It's the last day of the year and I just finished my last book for my 365-title reading challenge for the year. Sure, there's still the rest of the day for a bit more reading, but I also know we're going to be rather busy given family stuff and then O Bar later tonight. So it's good that I was able to get that out of the way with a bit of time to spare.

But I really need to manage things better next year.

How have you been spending the last 24 hours of 2022? We had a good game night with friends even if we only really ended up playing two games - A Feast for Odin and the brand-new Forests of Pangaia. Typically we try to play a mix of old and new games so that we get more sessions in, but it was hard to resist diving into Pangaia as a new experience. And we'll see if we can make smarter choices come the next game night.

Today has been chill and trying to steel ourselves for the rigors of tonight's festivities. At least I've also cleared the bulk of the laundry that had built up over the last two weeks of travel. And we have a happy Sariwon lunch as we typically do on Saturdays. 

I hope that we'll see a lot of familiar faces at O Bar tonight. I know well enough to limit my expectations, but it's free to dream and all that. Either way, I know it's going to be a good of celebrating with close friends and family and welcoming the new year with hope and happiness.