02BF3: Monday Shopping Spree

Monday Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1003
Reading Target: 51 books left

Okay, I think between me and Tobie, we totally made the most of 12.12 even if we didn't necessarily save a lot. I got my regular keto resupply efforts done along with some Christmas gift shopping. Then I processed a lot of equipment orders for work, although most of the stuff didn't seem discounted. Tobie also did some resupply effort and covered a good chunk of his Christmas gift shopping as well. Given I'm flying on Sunday, I just hope that the gifts I ordered will arrive in time. It may be a little close for one or two of them.

And we're still not officially done with our shopping just yet. There are a few more items that we'll need to venture out for to find in-store versus online. But at least we've covered most of it at this point, so that's something. I'm feeling a lot less stressed about the coming holidays given I've checked off most of the boxes on my shopping list.

I was thinking of devoting today's blog to writing about some thoughts on recent AI tools that are making waves on social, but the Christmas stuff felt more timely. I may revisit this topic later in the way - just leaving a reminder for myself here.

Trakt.tv has been done for some time now and it's rather sad. I use the service to track the shows we watch and and to help me keep on top of when new episodes come out and such. It's a minor thing that generates a lot of noise on my Twitter account, but the practice of tagging shows and movies is rather comforting, My inability to post updates today is making me a little uncomfortable.

What we've watched today so far:

  • Best in Dough - episodes 2 and 3
  • Itaewon Class - episode 11
  • The Americans - Season 3, episodes 1 and 2
With luck, I'll be able to tag them properly before bed.