02C01: Wednesday Progress

Wednesday Steak

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1005
Reading Target: 45 books left

We're generally done with our Christmas shopping! It was kind of bonkers just getting to SM Aura by car and it probably would have been smarter to walk, but driving was still the better option since we also had grocery plans. We only needed a few more gifts for the holidays and we managed to settle them along with some other errands like new underwear and swim shorts for me. I still kind of want more traditional knee-length board shorts, but maybe you can only really get those at the beach or something.

It's the mid-point of the week and I can feel time zipping by so quickly. Tomorrow should be a bit more relaxed both in terms of work and more personal stuff. We'll finally get that massage that got rescheduled from Tuesday and hopefully, I'll finish the last of my O Bar videos from the victory concert event for Precious Paula Nicole. 

The weekend is going to be busy starting Friday, so that doesn't really leave me a lot of wiggle room for other things. It's kind of stressing me out, but that always happens before a trip. And the fact that I have two back-to-back trips coming up because of the holidays is a whole other level of stress in itself.

Wish me luck.