02BE7: Being Behind the O Bar Videos


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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 991

Ever since Drag Race Philippines came out, there has been a natural increase in interest in my YouTube videos of various drag performances at O Bar. And beyond the added views of both old and new videos, my videos have been getting more comments and there have even been a few messages on social media here and there. It's not quite celebrity status, but it's something.

Just this past weekend, two particularly interesting things happened. The first involves a message I received via Instagram from someone who watches my videos. It was a short message that led to a bit of a conversation as beyond thanking me for posting, they wanted to know if I used some special gadget to take my videos. That made it even funnier to admit that I just hold up my phone for most of the night and that's how I capture things.

The other story involves the last O Bar night itself when someone actually approached me to say hi and thank me for my videos in person. This has happened once or twice before, but this is the first time someone said that they tried to guess where we sit based on the angle of my videos. That was pretty clever when you get down to it, and it made the moment all the more interesting. We offered to take a photo to mark the moment.

To add onto things, this is the first time someone took my video while I was recording one of the performances, which was kinda creepy but still well-intentioned. But what was funnier was when someone else replied and referred to my arm as a gimbal. I guess it was a good thing that the video didn't show me holding my phone up while grabbing my drink or something haha

With Drag Den right around the corner, I guess we're really in a new period of public interest and enthusiasm for local drag. And this may lead to more encounters like this, especially as long as I continue to work so hard to document all the amazing performances at O Bar. And I could live with that, I suppose - at least for as long as the bulk of the attention remains focused on our talented performers.