02C11: First Friday Back

Friday Forests of Pangaia

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1021
Reading Target: 3 books    

Wow, we were totally knocked out after yesterday's journey home. We ordered out for dinner instead of cooking and managed to schedule a massage to cap off the night. Normally we'd still watch a show or two after but we just went to bed. I had considered doing a fuller work shift today but instead made sure I was tagged as out of the office and called it a day.

I still felt a little tired upon waking up this morning, but definitely loads better than last night. Tobie and I still had work stuff to resolve so that occupied parts of the morning. I then spent the rest of the time being a lot more tactical about my reading goal by going through all my unread Free Comic Book Day titles in my collection first but also reading some more succinct storylines to rack up for trade paperback reads as well. So from needing to read 20 more books before the end of the year I'm down to single digits and I'm a lot less stressed. 

But tonight is an in-person game night, so I'm going to end this blog here. Funnily enough, our copy of Forests of Pangaia just arrived this morning and I think we'll be able to play it tonight. We're also set to return to Feast for Odin after quite a while and I wonder how well I'll do. 

It's nice to be home.