02C0C: Christmas Flying

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1016
Reading Target: 26 books

It's weird to leave your family on Christmas Day, but such was the case today. The nature of our schedules for this holiday season made this the best option - flying home on Christmas Day in order to be at the right place for a morning flight to Boracay tomorrow. That trip had been scheduled first so that sort of defined everything else is including my return flight and figuring out when to leave Malaysia to buffer for random traffic at the Singapore border.

My actual travel experience was brilliantly uneventful. It took about an hour to for me to get from Malaysia to Singapore by van. Then I checked in my bags very early and made my way to Jewel to kill time until boarding. But it was also too early for Jewel things as most shops opened at 10:30am, so I ended up paying for lounge access so I could sit comfortably, charge my devices, read comics and even get some work done.

My actual exploration of Jewel was interesting enough. I pretty much went through the whole facility from top to bottom and actually took selfies along with other photos and videos like a proper tourist. I didn't try any of the paid attractions during this trip (although the Hedge Maze was a little tempting). I think I would have been more likely to shell out cash for stuff like that had Tobie been with me.

I'm pretty used to flying alone, although I won't go as far as saying that I'd ever prefer it versus traveling with Tobie. My choices are a little different when it's just me and it becomes a lot more about efficiency and finding somewhere to sit and read while waiting versus more exploring (and more spending).

But enough of this for now. We have to get packed for our Boracay trip in the morning so I'm going to be on a plane again within the same 24-hour period. Whee.