02C0F: Other Family Time

Wednesday Paraw Sailing

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1019
Reading Target: 21 books

Every family is different - that's a no-brainer. But it's a different experience to immerse yourself in another family's dynamic and figure out how to keep pace with things. I've met other members of Tobie's family before on various occasions, but this week's Boracay trip has been the longest I've been together with all of Tobie's core family unit. It has been a lot of fun, particularly because I'm developing a much better understanding of the social environment that shaped Tobie into the crazy person that he is today.

Today's agenda included something I didn't expect for us to do - the entire group going paraw sailing. This is not everyone sitting in some boat and touring the area. This involved us sitting on netting strung between the outrigger supports. As someone who doesn't swim, any activity that involves water (especially the open sea) gets me nervous. But as we all agreed to do it, I didn't want to be a killjoy and sit out. We only live once, right?

It was a great experience overall, but some of the dips and bobs across the waves were a little nerve-wracking. Plus I was determined to take photos during the trip and I was even more concerned that I'd lose my phone in the sea. That didn't happen thankfully, but I really should have been better prepared for this experience.

It's our last night on the island and we only indulged in an overpriced massage after dinner then retreated to the hotel to squeeze in a bit more work. Tomorrow we'll be distracted by the usual packing-up activities but I hope everyone has enjoyed our time here. 

I know Tobie and I have.