02C04: Back-to-Back Saturday

Saturday Sariwon

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1008

So our third attempt to schedule a massage last night fell through since our therapist still wasn't able to get a ride to BGC. It seems the holiday-enhanced traffic is part of a conspiracy to deny us some self-care before my trip.

On the flip side, I made it to my foot spa appointment on time and that went well enough. It rained pretty hard towards the end of my session but thankfully it had stopped raining once I was done. It still rained a bit while l was finishing some last errands around BGC, but it wasn't so had.

We still made time for our weekly Sariwon lunch whole watching another episode of Itaewon Class. Then it was a scramble for me to finish all the different travel-related forms and registrations AND to get my packing settled since we won't be home for the rest of tonight and I have to worry about the flight tomorrow.

Now we're enjoying a great (yet shorter) game night with the FGTC group before we dash off to O Bar for the anniversary event.