02C0E: Alternate Boracay Activities

Boracay with Gino and Eldridge

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1018
Reading Target: 22 Books

Today marks our first full day in Boracay and we had an interesting agenda. We started with the resort's breakfast buffet, which admittedly was one of the best I've experienced in a while. Great range of food with very diverse options from different cuisines. And to top it all off, some pretty good coffee.

Our first real "activity" for the day was a photo shoot with the rest of Tobie's family. It almost felt like a wedding given the number of different combinations of people for the different photos, ranging from the different family groups to siblings and of course guys and girls separately. We even had shirts for the shoot and some shots by the villa and others by the beach - it all made for a pretty involved morning.

We were still full from the breakfast buffet and ended up staying in to finish the last episode of Itaewon Class before heading out. We then made our way to the main beach just for some casual exploring and reminiscing and inevitably ended up at Real Coffee for a light afternoon snack and more good coffee. This also presented an opportunity to be a bit more social given it turns out we have friends who are also on the island for the holidays. I wasn't expecting a very geeky board game and O Bar-related conversation while here but that's exactly what we got this afternoon. We'll see if there will be opportunities to hang out again while we're all here just for the heck of it.

Dinner was more time with the rest of Tobie's family and we had a pretty heart Spanish dinner. Now I'm just trying to clear some work stuff before joining them for more time together. Good times.