02C03: From One Party to Another

Friday Company Christmas Party

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1007
Reading Target: 41 books left

Just got home from our company Christmas Party. We managed to arrange for an in-person event this time around and it's always a delight to give everyone a chance to interact after working remotely for so long. So I was more than happy just watching the different conversations going on around the party. The free-flowing alcohol probably helped as well. LOL

We have a pretty busy weekend ahead, as I've mentioned before. But I'm pretty sure we'll get everything done in good enough time. Plus I still want to squeeze in time to keep up my reading pace and all that fun stuff.

So tomorrow it's my foot spa, packing my bag for the trip, the Christmas party with important gaming friends and then O Bar's 17th anniversary celebration. That's quite a lot for a single day, so wish us luck.

This is a short post. I need to read some more tonight and maybe get ahead on my packing.