02C05: Quick Post-Travel Scribble


Sunday Airplane Food

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1009

So I'm already out of the country as I compose this blog as part of our family's holiday plans for the year. The journey wasn't overly eventful, which was good given our worries about possible December-related complications.

The real challenge for the day was the fact that I got through today's travel with barely any sleep given how busy Saturday was. But I have no regrets. This has been a great weekend.

Last night's O Bar anniversary event was definitely fun and worth the lack of sleep. But I recognize that I'm not quite in the best mental state to fully process my feelings about last night, so maybe I'll save writing about it for another time. But it was awesome to be among a diverse mix of friends old and new as we celebrated a space that is so important to us.

More tomorrow. I need to catch up on sleep since we'll still be working this week.