02BE3: Saturday Things


Saturday Cat

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 987

Good start to the weekend so far. We spent the night playing board games with a friend after not being able to do so since before our Singapore trip. And given we've been gaming almost weekly (save for O Bar nights), this already felt quite overdue. We only really got to play two games - one round of Tiny Epic Dungeons that ended in our deaths and his first-ever game of Suburbia that immediately led to his second playthrough. I'm super glad he enjoyed it though - we really love this game and it's always a joy to get more people to enjoy it with us as well.

Today I managed to drag myself out of the Sietch to at least a brisk walk around BGC for a good 6 kilometers as some decent outdoor exercise. I managed to keep my heart rate at a more or less active level most of the time but I know I still need to get back to jogging and not just walking. But it's still something and it was nice to get out and about.

That was followed by a quick in-person meet-up with some officemates including a few I've yet to meet in person. We've been trying to set these things up a bit more regularly this year and it's nice to see how people look like in person versus on your computer screen. Plus there's always the realization of how tall people actually are and that just sort of blows your mind.

We're going to spend the rest of tonight playing board games and we'll see how the rest of the weekend plays out.