02BF1: A Teaching Saturday

Saturday SaladStop!

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1001

I'm not good at sleeping for more than 5 hours,  it seems. If I'm not careful when anything gets me out of bed early (e.g. needing to go to the bathroom), I could totally shift into awake mode and my brain will start rushing to remind me of more things to do since I'm awake and all that. Just today I really wanted to sleep in and while we ultimately managed this, it also involved me waking up every hour, checking the time, then trying to go back to sleep.

When we did finally get out of bed, it felt like an hour later than would have been ideal but that's how things go. I had blocked out my afternoon for a friend's digital marketing presentations after all and I didn't want to be late for that. Thus the quickest thing to order for brunch ended up being SaladStop! and I squeezed in some time for a quick yoga flow as well. I barely had time to finish lunch and brew coffee before it was already time to dial into the call for the presentations.

It still kind of blows my mind that there are digital marketing classes that people can take whereas I feel most of us in the industry had to learn things on our own. The presentations had the shape of trying to instill a particular structure or discipline for putting together a digital marketing plan and I totally appreciate that. I don't necessarily think that every effort to follow that structure actually resulted in a workable plan, but that's why this is a school activity and not an actual pitch to a client. 

I was really happy to participate, although 20 minutes really isn't a lot of time for 4-5 panelists to ask questions and give some feedback to a group of students. I first thought we were only asking questions but then the next few panelists mostly gave feedback and so I had to hope there'd be some time at the end for another go to share more thoughts...but only after I asked another question.

Tonight we're expecting some friends for an in-person board game night and this is really the best way to spend any weekend. The holidays are looming and we're running out of time to meet up for these more casual social things versus family-related or even work-related Christmas stuff.