02BE5: A Sunday Night at O Bar


Precious Paula Nicole at O Bar

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 989

Last night's victory concert for Drag Race Philippines Season 1 winner Precious Paula Nicole was great. It was sort of like a birthday show with a lot of her best/favorite numbers. It was also clearly a celebration of the show with a lot of key performances recreated on the O Bar stage. It was a bit of a homecoming not just for Precious but also for other O Divas from the show like Turing and Brigiding and to some degree ViƱas, who also started at O Bar before her time at Nectar. And finally, it was a great showcase of some of the best that O Bar has to offer in terms of the current O Divas and O Boys.

It has been a while since we've been out on a Sunday night. It used to be our main O Bar night when I was still working at a BPO but a Sunday night event totally didn't feel like a regular O Bar Sunday. The place felt more like a Friday/Saturday crowd with a lot of new faces given all the DRPH fans who showed up. It was good that we had managed to secure a table ahead of time and we gathered a good group of friends to make the night even more special. 

It was good that we had filed leave for the day because we woke up past noon. It's not like we were super hungover - I think we know how to handle our alcohol well enough. But we did feel physically exhausted given late-night gaming for most of the weekend, capped with the O Bar night itself. 

We didn't get much done today, much to our regret. And while it sounds weird to want to be somehow productive on a day off, there is the thought that you're supposed to have a lot more time since you're on leave. And while I got my usual ad work done out of the way, the other things we managed were a nice lunch out, this week's grocery shopping, and getting new light bulbs for the living room. I felt obliged to do a bit more and made sure to fold the laundry and run another load once we got back from the mall.

There are three categories of recurring tasks that I need to squeeze into my post-work hours and I'm writing this down to help me. 

  1. Process more O Bar photos and videos 
  2. Unbox Transformers to free up shelf space better used for board games
  3. Read more in order to catch-up on my reading goals.
Let's see what I can squeeze in today before midnight.