02BE2: Sietch K-Update

Friday Christmas Lights

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 986

And just like that, we just finished the penultimate episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo and we haven't figured out what to watch next. To be fair, the weekend ahead is going to be pretty busy, but we'll probably be able to squeeze in the finale maybe on Sunday before our Pendragon game?

First, this show has been really great. Tobie and I have been enjoying it a lot and we're really looking forward to seeing how things will end. We've reached the point in our K-Drama-watching lives where we're able to make pretty good predictions of how certain plotlines will be handled, but there's still a LOT to do to wrap up this show. But time and time again, these K-Dramas have managed to surprise us in terms of how they choose to wrap up all their major plotlines once they get to the end of their show's run. This is no guarantee that all plots will manage to achieve a satisfying end, but most tend to make viewers happy.

We never have a shortage of K-Dramas to watch, so we've set some soft criteria for how we narrow our choices. First, we avoid watching the same lead actor/actress in succession, just to give us time to shake of their last character before we encounter them again. Second, we've also been trying to vary the themes. It's why we deferred watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo because the suggestion came up while we were watching Strong Girl Bong-soon and both shows center around (literally) strong female characters. So that could mean us switching to a more serious show after Attorney Woo as it's pretty light and still avoiding Hospital Playlist since a medical case of the week could feel a little too close to our current legal case of the week situation.

And we've been taking advantage of how late we are in the game by only watching shows that are finished so that we don't end up waiting for new episodes to get released. It's why I'm reluctant to get started on Under the Queen's Umbrella just yet while it's still in-progress.

If you have recommendations, feel free to let us know. In the meantime, we're about to play board games with a friend and dive into things.