02C0A: Right Before Christmas Eve

Friday Dimsum
Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1014
Reading Target: 31 books 

So I still had some work stuff to deal with today, but it wasn't so bad. I managed to condense most of it earlier in the day so we could free up the afternoon for other things.

Other things turned out to be more time with the nephews. I naturally have more of an affinity for the older one as we've spent more time together over the years. But today I feel like I really bonded more with the younger one - or maybe he just fixated on me since other members of the family weren't around. It can be a little tricky to juggle the attentions of two young boys, but I think I did well enough.

I'll probably need new frames for my glasses though. They are not quite nephew-proof.

Given how busy the week has been, it's kind of overwhelming to think that it's Christmas Eve already. And then I already need to steel myself for my trip home on Sunday as I'm not staying as long as the rest of the family as Tobie's family arranged for the Boracay trip. We've already mapped out a child-friendly schedule that includes opening Christmas presents in the late afternoon as not to overly disrupt their regular sleeping schedule. Plus this also works out for my travel schedule as I'm the crazy person who is going to be flying on Christmas Day. 

This is definitely a memorable holiday.