02C0D: Boracay After 12 Years

Boracay Cheesecake

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1017
Reading Target: 23 books

Well, we're in Boracay. Despite my travel weariness from crossing from Malaysia to Singapore and then flying home to the Philippines yesterday, Tobie and I were able to join the rest of his family in a journey to this little island.

It's never easy to travel with a large group of people whether friends or family just because of all the logistics and such. But hey, we made it in the end and we're all checked in at a beautiful resort. The resort alone gives us a lot to enjoy and explore and I imagine that Tobie and I may spend a lot of time here. But we'll also put some effort into going around a bit more.

A lot has changed about the island since the last time Tobie and I were here together in 2010 and it's kind of overwhelming how developed the island is now. And this is despite how the pandemic had impacted local businesses while tourism ground to a halt during the first year of lockdowns. I don't know if we'll necessarily put effort into going for the usual beach activities since it seems perfectly awesome to just lounge by the beach and catch up on my reading.  But we'll see how things go. 

I think this is the first fully legitimate holiday we've taken together in a while. It's totally overdue - that much is clear given how nice it feels to not rush to do things but how it also feels a little off-putting. We'll do our best to make the most of the week ahead.