02BEA: Heavy Gaming Night

Saturday Gaming Friends

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 994

So last night was a lot of fun. While not all of our previous in-person gaming groups have come back, some new ones have formed like our semi-regular Friday night gaming. We didn't have Tobie with us this time around, but we still tackled some heavy games throughout the night.

The main complication, apart from added pressure to host alone without Tobie, was the fact that there were two scheduled power outages for the night. Apparently, there was some maintenance work in the area and they had scheduled two 30-minute outages while they changed some equipment or something. I had added calendar reminders for myself for the 11:30pm and 03:00am outages but both blackouts were going to be in the middle of our games for sure. But everyone knew about this challenge and we were prepared for shifting into darkness in the middle of some of our games. 

Funnily, the outages mostly happened while I was going over the rules of the game and not necessarily the core play period, which I guess was a good thing? It helped that we had some pretty meaty games on the play agenda starting with Suburbia (with Inc and 5 Star expansions included), followed by their first playthrough of Root, and finally a great game of Dune Imperium. Funnily, we each won one of the games, so I guess we all ended the night as winners? Not that it's the point, but it's nice.

We've already figured out when our next game night is going to be, which is probably going to be our last one for the year. But we'll all see each other at the big O Bar anniversary event for sure, and again during any holiday O Bar adventures.

Today is my mom's birthday and my main activity and I made sure to spend some time with them. Coincidentally, today was also the schedule for my monthly errand cycle for the parents, so it all worked out. We still have the holidays to look forward to soon enough, but more time is always good. 

Tobie arrived back while I was still with the family but we caught up soon enough. Our main activity for the afternoon was to nap since we both needed sleep before yet another game night tonight. 


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    "We've already figured out when our next game night is going to be, which is probably going to be our last one for the year."


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