02BE4: Sunday Geekery and More

Sunday Jaws

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 988

Last night's game night was fun. We took a different spin on our usual first-time gamer session. Instead of playing established gateway games that we generally know to be good for most players, we sort of gambled on other games of varying complexity that either we don't typically use as gateway games or new ones we haven't even played before.

We started the night with the thematically rich Jaws game based on the original movie. We hadn't played it in a while and it turned out to be a good choice, although the other player hadn't seen the movie before. Then we got to try out our new copy of 5-Minute Mystery, which is similar but a lot of fun for sure. 

We wrapped up the night with Century Spice Road which we immediately followed with its sequel Century Spice Road: Eastern Wonders. This franchise was initially tagged as a competitor for Splendor, and while I understand the comparison, I also never really saw it that way. But I've generally liked Splendor more than Century Spice Road - although that impression may change now that we've tried out the Eastern Wonders expansion, which is excitingly different while still adhering to the core concept of the game. 

Today was our online Pendragon game, although we stated a little late given our Sariwon order was delayed. We at least managed to finish watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo (which was GREAT) before the game and the session itself was intense but in a fun way. 

Now we're preparing to head out to O Bar for the big event for Precious Paula Nicole. I know it's going to be quite the crazy night so wish us luck with the crowds and all the additional Drag Race Phillippines fans who end up frequenting O Bar only during such events.