02BF2: Christmas Progress

Sunday Hainanese Chicken

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1002
Reading Target: 54 books left

Last night's game night was fun, as always. And while not everyone was able to make it partly due to the sudden rains, we still had a good time. We continue to introduce new games in the hopes of playing them more. So last night dredged up Galaxy Trucker, an old favorite with a crazy real-time building element. And that was followed by Lost Ruins of Arnak with the Expedition Leaders expansion that added a delightful new twist to things. But learning and playing both games ate up most of the night, but we at least had time to introduce 5-Minute Mystery as a final game. 

My initial plan for today was to skim the likes of Lazada for possible Christmas gift ideas in anticipation of the 12.12 sale tomorrow. Instead, Tobie and I took a gamble and headed out to Uptown Mall to see if we could find anything. We didn't have any solid ideas of what kind of gifts we wanted to get, so we really needed to walk around and see what was out there.

Thankfully, we were able to first settle gifts for the nephews, which was obviously priority #1 for Christmas gift shopping. It still took us a while to settle on what to get, but I'd like to think we made some pretty good choices. Wandering around the mall led us to a few other interesting finds and that helped bring my shopping list into further focus. So I've covered most of the gifts that I needed for my list and then now have a solid idea of what to try ordering online. As I'll be flying by next weekend, I hope everything arrives in time. 

The other find from this venture was discovering that there's a restaurant called Tiong Bahru Philippines that has a branch at Uptown Mall. It promised authentic Singaporean hawker food and they weren't kidding! The Hainanese chicken tasted just like something you could get out of a Singaporean hawker stall and that made for a very happy afternoon. Plus they're on foodpanda as well, so at the very least we'll be sure to order from them again soon. Trying to find parking at Uptown is difficult enough to feel like it's not quite worth the food, if you get my drift. 

When we got back I managed to finally bake a new batch of keto pandesal after skipping out on this the past few weeks. We had our last Pendragon RPG session for the year and it ended on a very interesting note. It'll be quite interesting when we pick up the game again next year. 

I'll just have to stay up a bit to lock in my 12.12 orders after midnight. Then we'll just have to get ready for another workweek.