02BEC: Monday Squeeze

Monday Cabbage Mix

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 996

Today was quite a busy Monday. Sure, we typically have our department-level standups at the start of the week, but in addition, today was also the deadline for my monthly reports. So yeah, that left me with a lot to do in-between meetings, interviews, and other fun bits. I've gotten through most of my stuff, but there's one more report that I want to clear before I call it a day.

Thank Google that scheduled emails have been codified into Gmail.

My other measure of how busy today has been involved my need to catch up on steps after work. Typically I manage to get more than my minimum 250 steps per hour so that I get to rest by the end of the day. But between lighter yoga workouts in the morning and mostly being glued to my desk, I'm really not generating enough steps during the course of my regular activities. But today was another day that I had barely 6,000 steps logged and so I needed to walk for a good hour in order to generate the other 6k before bed. And that eats into a lot of time.

And this was also the kind of day that left me rather challenged to come up with what to blog about. I hate it when things get this way, but it happens. And so I end up with shorter posts that help a bit but aren't fully satisfying. But it's the best way forward since I still have chores that I need to address and books to read so every moment is precious.