0233F: Almost Moving Day

So I met up with the broker again today to finally get the keys for the new BGC unit. At the same time they were pulling out the bulk of the furniture that had already been there so that we'd have more space to put our own stuff. So exciting!

Funnily, I spent maybe another hour talking to Tobie via Google Hangouts to walk him through the spaces, take measurements and try to map out where we would put what and where. The big windows provide a lovely view of the American Cemetery and the BGC skyline but also take away potential locations for shelving. I think the bulk of our discussions were about where to put this shelf or that shelf or if this wall was wide enough to accommodate yet another shelf. It sounds a little crazy, but given our books, board games and collectibles, we need as much shelf space as we can get.

We're going to spend the next 24 hours trying to figure out what we need to move over there this weekend in order to remain geekily functional. Clothes and cooking stuff naturally need to go first but then there's the question of maybe some shelves ready to be disassembled and moved in order to provide storage options over there. I also think we're going to get a few more steel shelves like for construction gear as they have proven to be quite effective at supporting board games and other items of geekery.