0233B: Meal Prep Week 2

So after about 4 hours of work I've finished 3 days worth of meals for me and Tobie. I still need to map out stuff for the rest of the week. Tobie and I haven't quite figured out the cooking split between the two of us thus for now I've been taking the bulk of things.

I don't have a firm meal plan in place just yet. So far I've been more focused on clearing out the freezer since we still have a lot of stuff leftover from before we tried out Delicious Diet for 2 months plus some holiday stuff as well. So it means getting creative along the way plus discovering some stuff can go bad even in the freezer if you leave it in there long enough. Alas.

But I'd like to think that I'm starting to get a better feel for how the meals divide out and the sort of portioning that I can do. For example the hearty chicken tomato soup I prepared was enough for two sets of meals for me and Tobie with just one bowl  leftover for me today. Three cups of brown rice when cooked can divide into four sets of meals assuming one measured cup per meal. The fun keeps going on.

But we still have the big move coming up for next weekend so I don't want to grocery for too much stuff just yet. But I'm sure that Tobie and I can get things to work out for the most part. Exciting busy times ahead!