0233A: Time Suck

Okay, rush-installing Civilization V last night my not have been the best of ideas. It ate up all of our Friday night as both Tobie and I were playing separate games and it also took up a lot of today. We managed to squeeze in time to rush to SM Megamall for another Transformers releasing event and just narrowly missed the chance to get the new Brawn figure due to some delivery mix-up.

At least we were a little productive by buying some storage bins for my Transformers. However instead of getting started on boxing up the transformers and other things we ended up playing more Civilization. This is dangerous.

Still re-learning the game though. I'm not at a point where the tech tree feels instinctive and I struggled to get through a Science victory since I kept forgetting certain technologies needed for the spaceship. I could have  easy gone for the domination victory but that somehow bores me. With Time and Science complete, time to try Culture for real. And I'm pretty amused by the whole religion aspect to things.

But I promise not to play more this weekend until I get some of the shelves cleared.