02336: The Big Move 2017

So we met with our broker today and signed the lease for our new place BGC. This also means I can can finally talk about things in more detail this time around. Huzzah life.

So the unit is over at Fifth Avenue Place, which is at the non St. Luke's side of 5th Avenue in BGC. It's a quaint little development in a somewhat more quiet area of BGC with no commercial spaces at the ground floor. It's at least a 15-20 minute walk from the office, which is great since I hope to add walking to my daily routine apart from the current dieting efforts.

Our lease begins in a few weeks so it's going to be a little crazy as we get things together and figure out the transition. We're not necessarily going to move everything all at once come Day One of the lease, but we'll do our best to make the new location functional as soon as possible. My biggest pain point will be the lack of internet service if ever - I have a strong need to remain connected because of work and of course because I'm such an internet geek. It's nasty, I know. We'll see how things go - I'll try to get in touch with PLDT this week to discuss timelines.

But despite the coming stress of packing and figuring out where to put everything, we're still more excited than scared about all this. It'll mean less disposable income and somewhat tighter belts but on the whole the benefits of more time and possible being more accessible to other friends should be a good thing.