02352: Tobie's New Glasses

During our getting-to-know you period, one of the weird things that came up was the fact that Tobie has never needed glasses. It's a little fact that he had always been proud of. As a guy who has been wearing glasses since Kindergarten, I know the pains of relying on glasses significantly. So yeah, it was something for Tobie to be sort of proud of.


So now Tobie has his first pair of glasses - they're just reading glasses with lens grades that have generally inched up to the +1.00 range. He was in denial for a while and a test last year indicated he may need +0.25 lenses so the jump to +1.00 seems significant over the course of 5 months. I'm glad he finally got a pair so he'll stop complaining about difficulty reading and bouts of dizziness.

Moral of the story: sooner or later you're going to need glasses. And that's okay.