0233C: Moving Jitters

If everything goes well we should be able to move into our new place this weekend, although Tobie and I really haven't gotten much packing done. To be fair, the unit is semi-furnished and so we don't exactly need to stress over hauling over a lot of furniture right away in order to make the place habitable. But despite that, you'd think that we would have gotten more packing one by now but real life keeps getting in the way.

Plus there's no escaping the reality that we have a LOT of stuff and we won't be able to move everything in one go. What's more, we're not even 100% what we want to move and what should we just dispose of or donate to charity to share with others in order to keep things efficient and not end up with a new place immediately overloaded with things.

At the very least we need to get our clothes over there and whatever food that's still in Cubao should also make the trip. We'll need some essential board games to survive without internet until PLDT completes the service migration and I hope to move some of my Transformers to their new home this weekend as well.

But maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. This will all feel a lot more real once the keys are actually endorsed to us and I work out any last details with the building's property management office to make sure that moving stuff around won't be problematic if not scheduled right or whatever.

So many things to do. So little time. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm stressed. I'm hoping we didn't make a big mistake. I can hardly wait.

Oh life.