02338: MBTI Review

I think I've written about how jaded I am when it comes to the MBTI. It's a test that has been mangled into the basis for way too many online personality quizzes to the point that it's easy to skew results based on past instances you've taken the MBTI assessment and all that fun stuff.

But we looked at it again today for a work-related icebreaker and so I eventually took the time to go through it again. I did my best not to think about how the questions were structured and what traits they obviously hinted at and just tried to answer as honestly as possible.

The end result had me as an ISTJ instead of my usual INTJ, which was a little surprising. I tried another site and once again got ISTJ, so maybe there's something there. MBTI ratings aren't exactly set in stone and all traits weird on weird scales that assert you're always one thing or another to varying degrees.

Going over the descriptions, the ISTJ profile seems to fit well enough and on the whole it seems to reflect me becoming more practical and grounded about things instead of being totally abstract and high concept. It leads me to think that any shift in the way that I answer the test has something to do with my changing views of things in life, especially when it comes to work. I think it's pretty fair to say that I put a greater focus on practical thinking. So it may not be entirely unrealistic.

Life can surprise you at times.