02346: Customer Service Patience

A general love for rules and 12 years in the call center industry have given me a LOT of patience when it comes to dealing with customer service agents both on the phone and in person. I hate it when people start asking if folks have inside connections with this or that company in order to resolve an issue since that doesn't really help the majority of folks in the long run. Maybe I'm a little idealistic in this regard, but I feel that when you work with the system, you help help them determine which process flows work and which don't. And that's vital feedback for longer term improvement.

The move to BGC has naturally required a lot of telephone coordination. Moving to a new place means needing to update billing information for a variety of services ranging from online vendors like Amazon and comiXology and more essential services like your bank.

I'm also quite the social media advocate and I'm not hesitant to try and use social media channels to get customer service or technical support issues resolved. It's just another channel and the modern company needs to have protocols in place for handling issues across their customer touchpoints. It'sa fair amount of work but it's the new normal and there's no escaping it.

I rather pride myself in my ability to work with customer service representatives to get things done though. I'm patient but unforgiving and I think the trainer in me comes out with trying to get an agent to give me a satisfactory answer to my concern. I do my best never to lose my cool since the worst thing you can do is shout at the agent since it contributes nothing to reaching a resolution plus the agent eventually gets to hang up on you if you cross certain lines.

I think this is also one of the biggest reasons that we continue to own a landline phone in this mobile-first world that we now live in. There's nothing like a landline for dialing away to navigate complex IVR menus and eventually deal with a live person without burning your mobile call allotments and such. Or maybe I'm just old school that way.