0233D: A Lot Going On

I really need to finish on a report right now so I guess we'll keep this brief. Or at least in virtual bullet points.

Lost a lot of time today to a lengthy onboarding / orientation session with Unionbank for our new cash management services with them. Long story short, we now have ATM-based payroll and we can pay our government dues online! This is a big thing as I'm tired of writing checks.

Lots of reports due this week as we try to cover all the 2016 End of Year stuff.

Lots of new projects on the horizon. Exciting stuff. Projects to map out and manage. Huzzah.

The start of 2016 definitely has me wearing my Project Management hat for this quarter. Hmm...

And there's still the move this weekend. Still haven't spoken to the PMO of the new condo. Still following-up with the broker regarding when we're actually going to get the keys to the new place.

Time for another cup of instant coffee...but with cinnamon on top.


  1. Cinnamon makes coffee taste so much better.

    ... In controlled doses, of course. easy to go from NICE to HORRIBLE with cinnamon, haha.

    Anyway, good luck with your move! I know it can be stressful, but I am here if you have any detox ideas that involve rolling dice. :D


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