02351: Post Chinese New Year Errands

So I had the day off today not because of Miss Universe but because Singapore observed today as a Chinese New Year holiday in lieu of Saturday's actual holiday. Tobie ended up staying home since he had a nasty allergy spell in the morning, so a better part of the day was spent in rest and recovery mode from a gaming-filled weekend.

It wasn't until late afternoon when Tobie seemed well enough (and conscious enough) to step out and I had a few key errands that were long overdue. A few things had slipped by because of the move and so I figured it was as good a day as any to address things.

First, we both needed haircuts. Our last trims were back before the December holidays and we were looking a little scruffy. Of course getting haircuts meant figuring out where to get haircuts and only option for today was the Bruno's barber shop at SM Aura since we had other errands there. We don't really go for salons nor do we look for big chain stores so this was ironically the cheapest option - but it was definitely more expensive than our old Ali Mall option.

But I also wanted to get a new pair of frames since my current pair of 2-3+ years really looks bad. The black paint has completely chipped off the bridge of the frames and the special coating on the lenses is already severely scratched and compromised. I also wanted to check if my grade had changed (apparently it hasn't). And then Tobie was finally going to give in and get reading glasses as he's been repeatedly complaining about having trouble reading stuff while using the laptop and the occasional dizzy spell. We both have new glasses that should be ready by tomorrow.

Then we needed to buy new slippers. Seriously, Tobie hasn't had any for a while and mine are falling apart. I got two cheap pairs at the department store while Tobie, well, he had to settle for what he could get given they didn't have many options in his size.

Now I'm still steaming and baking food in our GoChef for this week's meal prep options.