0234E: Friday Night Considerations

It's Friday night and we don't have any immediate plans. Our default idea is making a run to the old Sietch in Cubao to haul more stuff back to BGC, but that can happen anytime in the next 15 or so hours really. Our next game plan is scheduled for Saturday night so we do have a bit of time on our hands.

I tried checking for possible board game players on Twitter, but it's hard to drag folks over for games at the last minute. And Friday night, especially the Friday before Chinese New Year, is bound to be a busy one. But it's worth a shot, right? We figured we might have a new pool of players here in BGC versus what we typically draw when based in Cubao.

But who knows, maybe something will come together. Maybe we'll come up with alternative gaming options. Maybe we'll just play Civilization V all night before heading to Cubao when the traffic is less nuts. Anything is possible at this point.