0234A: Walking Around BGC

Today was a day full of errands besides being a work day and so I found myself walking all over BGC. My morning was filled with work-related errands like trips to the bank while my evening included odd errands like buying something to wear for a colleague's wedding this week.

For the most part, BGC is a nice place to walk around, even at night. The new Sietch is on the farther edge of the main BGC area so some parts may seem a little dark, but innovative lights lining some of the sidewalks make up for varying distances between street lights.

Walking to the Bonifacio High Street from the Sietch is about 20 minutes - the same time it takes me to walk between home and work. So I guess our place is somewhat equidistant from my obligations and my entertainment options, which does make it pretty convenient.

I'm really liking our new BGC life. It's a little pricier sure, but at least it really feels like the area was designed with some thought in mind in order to create a space that supports both business and residential needs. Very nice indeed.

But man, now my legs hurt from all that working. My body still needs to adjust to the increased activity that comes with living in BGC.