02347: Almost Home

So Tobie and had to "split up" last night as we had to work on the gate passes to haul our larger pieces of furniture over to BGC. Tobie stayed at Cubao so he could catch the PMO there to arrange for the gate pass to take stuff out while I stayed at BGC to do the same for the ingress gate pass plus to finally get the front door key duplicated. We achieved all of our goals for the morning and then went on to deal with work so things are looking swell.

A friend offered the services of her vehicle and some guys to help haul stuff so with luck we hope to get everything moved over to BGC. We do have an O Bar night though, so it will be interesting to arrange hauling stuff right after the craziness of the bar. We don't expect to get any sleep and will just have to catch up in the afternoon once we're done moving.

But seriously, once we get the poker table over things will be golden and we should be able to host games properly again. And that would be perfect timing as we are scheduled for an RPG one-shot on Sunday. Fingers crossed!