02342: Functional Move Day

A move is a fresh start and you really wan to make sure that everything goes well. It's a chance to let go of stuff and it's a chance to level up, in a way, at least in terms of how you make use of your new space.

But first we had to get it cleaned up.

Today was devoted to working with the cleaning lady and really taking a good look at the space now that it's really ours. While she worked on getting things up to standard (as the initial cleaning handled by the broker didn't feel quite enough), Tobie and I also worked on checking out the fridge already in the unit (minor damage to some racks) and figuring out the lights.

Those two globes were initially of two different hues and seemed to have little effect in the afternoon. We worked with building maintenance to tinker with it and figure how whether or not there were bulbs to change. Thankfully they take standard bulbs and the things just needed cleaning, so they got a lot brighter after. I'm also testing out an (expensive) LED bulb versus the now standard CFL bulbs. It's not great on its own since the lighting is highly directional but they do seem more effective in those silly globes.

At the moment the new place is decently functional in the sense that the bulk of our clothes are already there, we have complete toiletries and we have basic cooking supplies and water at the ready. We just need to get the rest of our geeky stuff and our bigger gear over to compete things. Oh, and PLDT better install out DSL service tomorrow or I'm going to die. Or something like that.

We had to go home to pick up more gear and so I could finish a report since our mobile data was being a little wonky tonight but then we hope to trek back to spend our first night at the new place. Exciting stuff!