02C96: Variable Speeds

Tuesday - Tokwa't Baboy

I'm going to be a little morbid for a bit.

There are pros and cons to speedy deaths versus slow deaths - and that changes based on whose perspective you're taking. The really fast ones are a surprise to everyone and don't really give those who survive the death a lot of time to come to terms with things. And depending on how close you were, you may never fully get over it given everything left undone and unsaid. The slower ones...well, the impact is different in every case. Sometimes the people around the person dying appreciate the extra time. Sometimes things seem to linger a lot longer than expected and you end up constantly second-guessing whether or not you've done the right thing. 

Like I said - pros and cons. 

I don't think one can argue that one is definitively better than the other. That's pointless. In the end, someone still dies and everyone else has to define their own paths forward. It will always be tragic. It will always be a loss. And there's no reversing that sort of thing.

We grieve. We remember. We keep on living. That's life. 

January is starting out rather heavy indeed.