02C80: Entering 2024

New Year 2024 at O Bar

Last night was fun but also quite tiring. How Tobie and I had managed to still go to O Bar to celebrate the start of 2024 despite me having just flown in from Singapore and Tobie acting as the family driver for a better part of the night. But We always joke about our O Bar obligations and being there for Christmas and New Year is part of that. These holiday O Bar nights tend to involve a subset of our larger circle of O Bar friends and even performers because of their respective family duties. But a good number of friends still showed up and the fact that this year's celebration fell on a Sunday also gave us a different mix of O Bar regulars. We ended pretty late, but that was fine given it's a holiday.

It's so nice to be home though. As much as I love spending time with my sister and the nephews, home will always be home. Tobie and I were extra nuzzly at O Bar and we were in no rush to get out of bed earlier this afternoon. We did eventually head out to Aura for food and grocery shopping, but we haven't been very productive since then. We have a fair amount of TV backlog to catch up on now that we're back together and we have to start our first K-drama for 2024, which is probably going to be Moving since SO MANY family members are urging us to watch it. 

It was fun to go through all the gifts we had received over the holidays. Tobie had gathered everything on our couch and I started to take the steps to document them and post thank-you notes on social, as is appropriate with modern etiquette. Now we'll see if we can play a game before bed despite the post-drinking cobwebs still slowing down our thinking.

Welcome to 2024, everyone. Maybe I'll write about resolutions or other goals later in the week.