02C8F: Necessary Expenses

Tuesday - Bacolod Chicken Inasal

After work, we stepped out for errands and it ended up being quite an expensive day out. The weird combinations of things we needed to address ended up being quite expensive. 

My luggage had lost a wheel somehow during our last flight back in from Singapore and it's only now that we got around to bringing it to a Mr. Quickie to get it fixed. It was a little surprising how expensive it is do this sort of thing as they said they had to replace all 4 wheels and not just the one that broke in order to maintain balance. It made it a little tempting to just get by with only 3 fully-functioning wheels for another trip or so given the costs.

My ongoing asthma-related congestion had me needing to stock up on meds as well. Given I've barely had to deal with my asthma in recent years, it turns out the Sietch only had various expired inhalers and other medications left, so a refresh was needed. I kind of regret breaking keto over the holidays as I can't help but wonder if I would have been more asthma-proof had I not done so. But yeah, no point wishing to change things that have already happened.

Our grocery run was surprisingly expensive despite the vegetable aisles being quite poorly stocked. I guess our "backup" meal plans still cost a lot, plus I had to pick up weird supply items like more tea, more Polydent for my dentures, and other fun things. But we're good for another week and that's what matters. I just wish things didn't cost as much as they do.

Beyond that, the workweek continues. I felt my brain melt a bit as I wrangled with some numbers earlier today and in the end, I may just have to write things off and leave then be. Improving processors is important, but I also recognize when I just need to pick my battles and figure out alternate next steps.