02C95: Complaints

Monday - Cabbage Soup

My brain is not braining at this point. And it's not like it was that stressful a Monday. I guess I'm just not 100% or something. The evening air is still kicking my ass in the asthma department. As a precaution, I'm back on asthma meds and even considering stronger antihistamines at night to support my respiratory system. Things continue to escalate at night and I have sporadic coughing fits despite medications. I do get better by midday and then the whole cycle resumes come sundown. The cold weather is delightful but I will concede that I won't totally mind the warmer months ahead. 

I've been limiting myself to yoga and just walking for steps as my main form of exercise over the past week. This is particularly frustrating as I've been promising myself that I'd get back into jogging this year, especially with my new earbuds, and that still hasn't happened. It could be the total opposite - maybe forcing myself to jog outdoors will help force my respiratory system to get in line or something. Or not. I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning. 

Otherwise, Moving is still pretty good and I'm making sure we finish the show before my Singapore trip next week. We've started on The Brothers Sun as well and this show is proving to be a lot of good fun. This may prove to be better than the second season of Reacher